Update: 2012 The Good the Bad and the Down right Depressing


Our dog Missy

Update: 2012 the good the bad and the down right Depressing.

Instead of optimism for another year, I started 2012 with a foreboding sense of doom.  2012 started well I had a job, a savings account, and health insurance. My first niece one of the few bright stars in my life turned “1” March 7, 2012. Lastly, my cat Tigger was doing well and my mom’s health was holding steady.149My cat Tigger hiding

     Despite the pain in my joints and my whole body for that matter I was holding things together I was coping. But still I could feel the storm clouds gathering. Anxiety increasing. Everytime I start a job it feels this way after a few weeks and I only started the job this past December 2011.

    Three weeks into January and I started having bouts of extreme sleepiness. severe anxiety & increased joint pain. I would barely finish my shift as a Home Health Nurse before I would have to take a nap or go to bed early. This increased stress & anxiety caused a flair up with my IBS causing me even more stress & anxiety. For those of you who don’t know what IBS stands for it stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For me it means I cannot be far from a bathroom because of the severe diarrhea I get. I have never really had the other side of IBS (ie constipation).

     Then in late February while struggling to do a dressing change on a patients foot.  I felt an OMG awful pain go from the middle of my back down my right leg.  Biting my lip and trying hard not to sob I finished the dressing and was able to finally go home after another hour of computer charting.

Once, home I knew I was in trouble. I could not walk right and I had to drag my right leg not to mention my lower and middle back were in spasms. It literally felt like someone was twisting my spine in their hands. Like ringing out a dishrag. The next day I was put on workmans  compensation for six weeks. Four weeks later in the middle of a Physical therapy session I felt a pain in my  right hip and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back and my right hip was throbbing again along with my back. Long story short it took till May 5, 2012 for me to be able to go back to work. After less than a week back to work I was fired. They stated it was because I was not a good fit for their company. What I found out later was they gave the results of my x-rays to the HR manager the same day I was fired.  They even tried to fight me getting unemployment. Thankfully they lost that battle. Thankfully, the unemployment caseworker was suspicious with them firing me after just two days back to work. Plus my record with that company was really good before I got hurt.

              I have not worked since May 10, 2012, now. Thankfully, I had unemployment to fall back on and pay my bills. Since the injury at work I have not been able to go back to nursing. I recently found out I may have to have hip surgery. I have had several nurses and friends tell me I should sue my last employer but I don’t know I am not a suing type of person but if I end up having to have surgery I may have to. And then there is the loss of  not being able to go back to being a nurse because of the injury and my other issues.

              So, my year ended up ok perhaps 2013 will be better could it get worse?! I should never ask!