Gods Not Dead He’s Very Alive!

Gods Alive and with us always! We are so full of the world that we cannot hear him at times. It is important we listen to him. He gives nudges, feelings, goosebumps and much more to let us know he is around & what he wants for us. But, the worlds so loud its hard to hear. The most important thing to remember and believe with all your heart is that God loves you as if you were his only child he loves us all that way. No matter what we have or have not done God loves us. Next and actually the most important is that God allowed his only son to be beaten, humiliated, tortured and finally nailed to a cross for our sins. Everyone’s sins. God knew the old laws and commandments were impossible for his people to achieve. So, he sacrificed his son so that we may be under Grace and have everlasting life. No longer are we under the old laws and all we have to do is repent now to be forgiven. Jesus is the key to God the Only key. Jesus is who will stand up on judgement day while we stand there waiting to be judged and answers God when he says who atones for this sinner and Jesus says “I DO!” Don’t let your chance go by, get to know Jesus and God so that when God says who speaks for this sinner; Jesus does not say I’m sorry I don’t know this person!