Sammy the Tasmanian Devil; or cats gone wild!

Sammy the Tasmanian Devil; or cats gone wild!


Sammy at 6 months


Sammy at 1-year-old (well a least half of him fits in his cat condo)

Last time I wrote about Sammy he was a little mess (LOL). In to everything just like a toddler. You could not leave a pencil, pen, eraser or anything he could get in his mouth where he could get it. My Mom and I were always missing something! The funniest thing he took was my moms pencil sharpener. Even my mom was amused. I am not sure how he carried it off its too wide to fit in his mouth; but with Sammy most anything is possible.


BUSTED! Caught red pawed with his treat bag!


                             If it is a high Sammy is ready to try it out! Sammy can jump over 6 feet straight up and 8 feet if he has a running start.                                                   Never have I seen a cat jump so high!

We don’t dare put anything on top of any of our book cases anymore because my little scamp, Sammy will just push it off and sprawl out!  I spent a good couple of months trying to change Sammy. Then I realized he wasn’t going to change.  He is just super energetic and curious! He is so curious and cognizant of everything that is going on around him that he raises the curiosity bar quite high. I used to consider Sammy a BAD cat because he is so ornery. But he has taught me a lot!

 I started talking to Sammy from the moment I got him and now we have full conversations! LOL And he has a special word/sound he makes just for me. Every time I call him he comes a running and then tilts his head and says mar-mar.  I believe he is trying to say mama because I am always saying ma-ma loves you or trying to get him to say it.


This is Sammy today my little chunk! LOL

In the picture above Sammy is modeling his Christmas attire. I actually had started putting it on him when he was being especially mischievous. However, that back-fired as he likes wearing it. At least the bells let me know where he is most of the time. My poor mom cannot leave her drink on her desk or anywhere Sammy can get it because he likes to push drinks off places and watch the water or whatever you are drinking run all over the place. He finds water fascinating! He can sit in the sink and watch the water run for a s long as you are willing to leave it on. He does not mind getting wet either. But a bath forget it!

I wish I had more pics catching him being ornery but he’s too quick for me. My mom smartened up & started wedging her water jug in a desk drawer whenever she leaves her room. Now he steals our straws! He does not torment me like he does my mom he is forever giving her grief! I told my mom we could put a latch on the outside of her door so he can’t throw his body against the door  and open it when are gone from the house or she goes out of her room.  Yesterday, mom secured her drink and hid her straw and when she came back he had taken he lid into the living room and dropped it and then he had gone back and taken off with her plastic 7-day pill-box. Now that was a sight-seeing Sammy carrying that cross-wise in his mouth. Sometimes I think he thinks he is a dog!

Speaking of dogs he loves my moms dog Missy. They play together. His favorite thing to do with Missy is bat at her poofy white tail and capture it (Missy’s half  poodle and half something else). Right now my fur ball is asleep on my bed in his bed. I put his bed on the other side of the bed because he likes to sleep with me on the bed. He loves his little bed.

I love Sammy with all my heart mischievous and all. He is affectionate. He always rubs his head on my face when he wants a treat or just some loven. He loves to be scratched behind his ears and on his head. He loves to play especially with the red laser light. Though, he knows I am moving the light because if he does not like where the light is he will come over to me and meow about it.  Lately, Sammy has been waking me up high jumping in the bed and hitting the door and acting all nutty. I finally figured out that he was trying to catch the light that comes through the window when a car goes by. I had blinds and curtains but the light comes from the top and goes across the ceiling. Well if he is awake he goes crazy jumping all around. By the way he does that with bugs too.  If an insect flying or otherwise gets in the house Sammy is on the hunt. Flying across the room trying to get it!

Now, the first time he does his middle of the night acrobatics I shoo him out of the room till it gets light. Just last week Sammy started getting things from his secret stash (that I have yet to find) and will lay on the other side of my door and push items through the half-inch space under the door. Sometimes, I have a whole bunch of stuff on my side of the door. Unfortunately, he wakes me up a lot doing it because you can hear his claws on the bottom of the door. LOL

I’m glad I got Sammy and not someone else because I don’t think everyone would put up with his antics. I however, am amused most of the time by them. I do wish he would stop tormenting my mom. Although, she’s used to his antics now; she doesn’t like the spilling of drinks much and I can’t say I blame her as I don’t appreciate that trick myself! LOL


           Here’s Sammy at 6 months having just been caught taking off with my artist pencil pouch. He looks so innocent does he not!

Sammy is a lot of things but, there is one thing I think he excels at and that is being cute!


Bittersweet 2013

Bittersweet memories of 2013

1. In 2013 my sweet cat Tigger died at the age of 15.


09/1998 to 07/01/2013  My sweet tigger may he rest in peace!

2. A Kitten named Sammy (AKA the Tasmanian Devil) came into my life.

057Sammy the Tasmanian Devil 🙂

3. My second niece arrived Allison Frances.


Allison Frances 05/18/2013

4. My first grandchild was born. (she’s the one on the right. Haha)

Jimmy and Devlin

Devlin Frances and my son Jimmy

5. My mom was hospitalized with heart and lung issues in November. We (my sister and I) found out my mom needs to have aortic valve replacement surgery when her lungs are strong enough. 😦 Shes better now but, the cardiologist says she is a ticking time bomb because of the valve being bad. Update: Mom had her valve replacement 04/2014.


Mom with her dog Missy on Christmas eve.

6. I lost 45 pounds (Yeah!)


Before 12/2012 (Ick what a terrible look!)


During 08/2013


After 12/2013 I Plan to lose another 50 pounds in 2014 (I am praying)

7. A little birdy told me grandchild number 2 may be on the way in 2014! It is supposed to be a secret so no pics. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! lol.

In conclusion, 2013 brought good, bad and downright frightening times; but we persevered and made it through another year!

Sammy The Tasmanian Devil of Cats!

Sammy The Tasmanian Devil of Cats


Meet Sammy. Sammy is the kitten I got (July 1, 2013). Sammy is almost 5 months old and I would wager that he is one of the highest jumping and honeriest cats God ever made! Everyday with Sammy is an adventure! When he was just a wee 3 month old Sammy learned how to get up on top of the upper kitchen cabinets. A 9 foot jump from the floor! Sammy has made it in one leap! But, mostly he jumps on the counter and then jumps up there. It’s a 5 -1/2 foot jump from there.  In the picture below you can just see him peeping at you. (excuse the mess remodeling).

004     Not only is Sammy quite a high jumper he also is in to everything and I have noticed lately that he is quite an accomplished little thief! He will sneak off with anything he can carry. For instance in the picture below you will see he has my zipper pouch of art pencils.

001     Just look at his look of innocence! I could swear he is saying uh I just found it Mom I was gonna bring it to you. Before I knew Sammy was so good at this I thought I was misplacing things. That is until I came upon his stash behind the recliner! Found two pairs of glasses, numerous pens and pencils, a chewed up styrofoam cup, a pack of gum, shredded kleenex and a pair of fingernail clippers! (That was just a couple days worth) Just yesterday the little Turkey took off with a plastic hanger I had just taken a shirt off of.

It’s a good thing Sammy has such a sweet and endearing side. I am always finding a favorite toy of his under my pillow, in my house shoes or on my night stand. Plus he is very affectionate when he is tired and not feisty and raring to go.  He loves to cuddle with me if he’s sleepy but at night I have to shut my door because he is such a cat burglar he keeps me awake.

Which brings me to one of Sammy’s favorite things to do! He loves to turn the lamp on and off in the living room which drives me crazy at night another reason I shut the bedroom door when he is in such a mood. My mom lives with me too and after I started closing my door on Sammy’s crazy nights he started terrorizing my mom! My mom has a 3-year-old dog named Missy who loves playing with Sammy! So Sammy likes to wait till my mom gets in bed then he runs and jumps on her and runs in a circle on the bed enticing Missy to play with him then all hell breaks loose with both of them running circles in the bed. So now my mom shuts her door every night too!


     Oh I forgot to mention Sammy is also the most curious cat! He has to have his nose in everything and I mean everything! You cannot put water in a cup by he sink he will either drink it or knock it over. When you do the dishes (no dishwasher 😦 ) Sammy has to be standing in the dish drainer to watch you or in the dryer when you are taking clothes from it. He tried getting in the washer but I turned the water on so that broke him of that. I have read you should use a squirt bottle to keep a kitten or cat from doing something you don’t like. Well with Sammy he thinks it’s a game and will keep coming back for more and more.

All and all I would not have any other cat because he is so cute when he is sleeping!


Update 1/18/2016 Sammy is still hyperactive but, he has for the most part stopped thieving.  In november of 2014 we got Tassy. Tassy has really been a lifesaver as she plays with him thereby draining some of his non-stop energy. Sammy has evolved into my sweet companion and we have our language.

Update: 2012 The Good the Bad and the Down right Depressing


Our dog Missy

Update: 2012 the good the bad and the down right Depressing.

Instead of optimism for another year, I started 2012 with a foreboding sense of doom.  2012 started well I had a job, a savings account, and health insurance. My first niece one of the few bright stars in my life turned “1” March 7, 2012. Lastly, my cat Tigger was doing well and my mom’s health was holding steady.149My cat Tigger hiding

     Despite the pain in my joints and my whole body for that matter I was holding things together I was coping. But still I could feel the storm clouds gathering. Anxiety increasing. Everytime I start a job it feels this way after a few weeks and I only started the job this past December 2011.

    Three weeks into January and I started having bouts of extreme sleepiness. severe anxiety & increased joint pain. I would barely finish my shift as a Home Health Nurse before I would have to take a nap or go to bed early. This increased stress & anxiety caused a flair up with my IBS causing me even more stress & anxiety. For those of you who don’t know what IBS stands for it stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For me it means I cannot be far from a bathroom because of the severe diarrhea I get. I have never really had the other side of IBS (ie constipation).

     Then in late February while struggling to do a dressing change on a patients foot.  I felt an OMG awful pain go from the middle of my back down my right leg.  Biting my lip and trying hard not to sob I finished the dressing and was able to finally go home after another hour of computer charting.

Once, home I knew I was in trouble. I could not walk right and I had to drag my right leg not to mention my lower and middle back were in spasms. It literally felt like someone was twisting my spine in their hands. Like ringing out a dishrag. The next day I was put on workmans  compensation for six weeks. Four weeks later in the middle of a Physical therapy session I felt a pain in my  right hip and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back and my right hip was throbbing again along with my back. Long story short it took till May 5, 2012 for me to be able to go back to work. After less than a week back to work I was fired. They stated it was because I was not a good fit for their company. What I found out later was they gave the results of my x-rays to the HR manager the same day I was fired.  They even tried to fight me getting unemployment. Thankfully they lost that battle. Thankfully, the unemployment caseworker was suspicious with them firing me after just two days back to work. Plus my record with that company was really good before I got hurt.

              I have not worked since May 10, 2012, now. Thankfully, I had unemployment to fall back on and pay my bills. Since the injury at work I have not been able to go back to nursing. I recently found out I may have to have hip surgery. I have had several nurses and friends tell me I should sue my last employer but I don’t know I am not a suing type of person but if I end up having to have surgery I may have to. And then there is the loss of  not being able to go back to being a nurse because of the injury and my other issues.

              So, my year ended up ok perhaps 2013 will be better could it get worse?! I should never ask!