All About Write Away Stacey

Hello all:

My name was Stacey. I was born in 1966,  in Kansas City, Missouri. Back in those days no one knew much about Autism, ADHD and all the new mental diagnosis that have come about over the last 20-30 years or so. Heck back then  homosexuality was a mental problem that could be treated. Today so much more is known and there is much better treatment.

I have three grown children. My daughter Liz lives in Florida which is very hard because I miss her so! The boys Jarred and James live in Independence. Jarred is the youngest at 22. I live with my mom in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. An area swamped with urban cancer. (Check out the view from my window for a taste) My mom has Pickwick syndrome and Pulmonary hypertension along with diabetes and has to wear oxygen all the time. As for myself I am disabled. If I were to tell you all my disorders you would be overwhelmed suffice to say pain is what is causing me the most problem lately seeing as I cannot seem to get it under control. I also have Asperger’s autism. Having Asperger’s back when no-one knew about it was very tough and I went through a lot, but I think it helped shape me into the caring adult I am today.

I love to draw (though I should probably say sketch to be proper), I also like to paint pictures. I love to scrapbook and do numerous other artsy type things. The thing that keeps me from doing art is my back, pain, and the arthritis in my fingers which is why some days I post a lot and then days will go by before I post again and then just a small post.

I used to be a nurse for around 15 years and through nursing and auto injuries I incurred the majority of  my back and hip pain, as well as fibromyalgia and arthritis. So no more nursing. I love to write too and I like to help people guess that is why I was a nurse for so long, it is also why I started blogging about coupons to help those out there that are just starting out.

I have a cat named Sammy and my mom has a dog named Missy and a cat named Moochie and Moochie certainly lives up to his name. I am not in a relationship because I have had three massively bad ones and that was enough. Plus I have to live with my mom to make sure she is taken care of properly.

I also believe in God and Jesus but I don’t believe in judging people, that is not what Christianity is all about. Unfortunately, because of some people Christianity and God and Jesus have gotten a bad rap. 😦

So that’s pretty much all about me what about you, feel free to drop a line or email me If you have questions or comments about my writing, coupons or what have you.



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