2012 Living with Chronic Pain Part II

The worst part of living with chronic pain is never being without pain. Pain is my ever faithful companion. At its worst it is like a white-hot pain that envelopes your whole being preventing you from focusing and keeping you from letting others near. Right now my most persistent pain is coming from the middle of my back, right hip and leg. Then lately my stomach and liver have been putting their two cents in making the pain even worse.

For those without pain I imagine it is difficult to fathom how chronic pain can consume your whole life.  Imagine someone putting their fist in the middle of your back and pushing till you are nauseated from the pain,  then imagine you have  a gorilla sitting on your shoulders making you feel like your spine is being condensed like an accordion when its closed. Now further imagine that there is nothing you can do or say to stop the pain they are causing. Changing positions, sitting, standing, stretching, walking, exercising or, lying down, nothing helps. This is what I feel like right now. Which is why I will be blogging once today.

I am not on pain patches, or morphine. I am allowed to take Ultram four times a day.  My pain right now is an 8. I have an appointment 07/17/12 just to see a general practitioner who will have refer me to a pain clinic. It is going to be a long hot, and painful summer. Hope anyone else who is in pain has better luck and better pain control. Any hints are welcome. So far I use aspercream rub it works the best for me out of all the pain relief creams; in addition to the before mentioned medications.



Published by: writeawaystacey

Introduction to Write Away Stacey Hello, my name is Stacey. I am a freelance writer/author. Though due to a lot of pain and surgeries I have just started writing again. I started writing when I was 9. Sketching since way back & painting since I was in my twenties. Since, due to my health I can no longer work as a nurse. Due to numerous injuries over the years related to car accidents & because of inadequate help and working conditions. I now live with my handicapped mom. It has been quite an adjustment being back in my childhood home with my mom; but we have made it work. We fight a lot but the closer I get to God the less I feel the need to fight with her. I used to garden and at one time I turned moms over grown outside living space into a work of art with roses, clematis and flowering trees. Unfortunately for me I can no longer work in the garden as it aggravates past injuries. Inside I have turned my living space into a creative person’s dream with a large desk and hutch, large bookcase’s filled with books, an easel/table, and a camera and tripod. I still draw and write but, as I said its been awhile. Now I have been looking through a large folder of my stories and see if I can salvage anything. Of course I have to finish this humongous task of wrting a long and detailed letter to the Social Security Judges explain why I should be approved for Social Security. I have been trying since 2012 to get it but, it just been one problem after another. However, this time I have faith that God will lead me this time. Stacey

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